Kalash Valley and Their Famous Festivals

The Kalash Valley isn’t just known for its stunning area and the picturesque excellence it partakes in throughout the entire year yet additionally for its rich culture and custom that has been safeguarded and celebrated for ages. Individuals of this valley, known as the Kalasha public commend three celebrations around a similar time each year, by respecting and cheering their remarkable traditions and occasions. The celebrations are praised in full enthusiasm, with dance and music, investing contributions to Gods and young fellows and ladies picking their future soul mates.

Festivals of Kalash

People of Kalash celebrate their festivals three times a year.

  • Spring festival (Chilam Joshi festival)

  • Summer Festival (Uchal festival)

  • Winter Festival (Choimus festival)

Spring festival – (Chilam Joshi festival)

Spring celebration is likewise known as the Chilam Joshi celebration. Individuals of Kalash commend four days across all Kalash valleys. Spring celebration starts with “Milk day”. Ten days before the celebration, they store milk from their families. Individuals of Kalash offer their drinks during this occasion. The celebration mirrors their one-of-a-kind social lavishness, the agreement in their general public, and the message of harmony to the world. They request a favor from their God and petition God for a prosperous year of horticulture and the wellbeing and security of their groups. During this celebration, Kalashi people likewise picked their life designs. During the Kalash celebration, Women wear customary clothing with vivacious tones and their dresses have examples of blossoms on them. They wear beaded accessories that praise their dresses and headgears.

Men wear customary Shalwar Kameez with a petticoat made of fleece. They dance together and sing in a valley clan as it offers them a chance to pick their soul mates and report their names on the last day of the celebration.

Kalash Summer festival: (Kalash Uchal festival)

Individuals of Kalash commend the appearance of summer in their own particular manner. Summer celebration is exceptionally famous among the Kalasha public. Lately, this celebration has likewise acquired prominence from one side of the planet to the other. Individuals from various pieces of Pakistan and global vacationers go to the late spring celebration en masse. During the celebration, Kalasha People honor their God by praising the reap and furthermore expressing gratitude toward their God for gift them with great food and yields. Kalash individuals take a parade to a high level external the town in Balangkuru and petition their God, after the supplications the night-long dance and party starts which last until the early hours toward the beginning of the day. Summer celebration is commended in all the valleys for a very long time.

Kalash Winter festival – ( Kalash Choimus Festival)

Kalash winter celebration is likewise called “Choimus” in the neighborhood language. This every year noticed occasion represents and figures success of the town and its kin in the coming year. During the celebration, People go out to look for foxes which are considered as a promise of something better. Light-lit parades show up from neighboring towns at the super customary moving spot called a “Charsue“. The moving and celebrations are held indoor that go until quite a bit later as the neighborhood wine is given around the huge fire. Local people perform customs for filtration during the celebration at the beginning of the new year. The ancestral seniors assemble at ridges to watch the rising sun of the new year that is trailed by goat penances made to the Goddess, “Jastak”, and the blood is sprinkled at the sanctuary Jastarkhan.